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Health Care

SaminLifrom is a company that studies various health care products.

Health Care

  • health care

    As human society advanced,
    consumers grow increasingly interested in physical and mental health.

  • health care

    Health care products are becoming more critical
    regarding the paradigm shift in health care from treatment to prevention and lifelong health maintenance.

  • health care

    In line with the paradigm-shifting, SaminLifrom continues researching/developing of diverse health care products
    through endless efforts and studies to contribute to consumer health maintenance.

SaminLifrom's Health Care



  • Kitchen mat [Anti-fatigue mat]

    Mat reducing fatigue caused by weight distribution and available in various patterns
  • Massage Ball

    Release the muscle tensions as needed with a single ball or a peanut ball to restore body’s energy flow.
  • Smart Massage Ball

    Smart massage ball that gently releases muscle tensions before and after exercise in your daily life with its vibration and guides how to use for each body parts.
  • Bodic Back Cushion

    Posture-correcting Back Cushion supports proper neutral spine alignment and helps maintain good posture even if you sit for a long time.
  • Bodic Pelvic Cushion

    Bodic Pelvic Cushion is a posture correction cushion that helps to maintain good posture by evenly distributing weight and heat even for long time use.
  • Bodic Knee Pillow

    For a side sleeper, it prevents the spine and pelvis are not excessively twisted and helps maintain a good posture.
  • Bodic Custard Pillow

    It is a cervical pillow designed to help improve the quality of sleep by maintaining the correct alignment of the cervical spine.
  • Bodic Airline Leg Pillow

    Relieving leg swelling and numbness by placing the leg higher than the heart.
  • 3D Antibacterial Filter Replacement Mask

    Safe filter replaceable anti-droplet mask that has 99.9% antibacterial function which prevents bacterial growth.
  • Ankle Massager

    Massage the muscles in the ankles and various areas with its vertical vibration.

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